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Die hier angeführten Artikel stellen die neuesten Forschungsergebnisse im Bereich HbA1c vor.



Park MS et al. (2019) Accurate and Rapid Measurement of Glycated Hemoglobin Using HLC-723 G11 Variant Mode. Ann Lab Med; 39(3): 237
What we see as the essence: G11 Variant mode will improve the diagnosis of diabetes in patient with Hb Variants (G-Coushatta).

Danese E et al. (2017) Can we still trust hemoglobin A1c in all situations?
Clin Chem Lab Med; 55(11): e241
What we see as the essence: The measurement of the HbA1c haemoglobin is important for the early diagnosis and treatment monitoring in case of diabetes. Despite the accuracy of the parameter, there are a couple of clinical conditions where the HbA1c should be used with caution and the clinician should take under consideration the clinical condition of the patient.

Lenters-Westra A et al. (2017) Evaluating new HbA1c methods for adoption by the IFCC and NGSP reference networks using international quality targets.
Clin Chem Lab Med; 55(9):1426
What we see as the essence: Abbott Enzymatic method on the Architect c4000, Roche Gen.3 HbA1c on the Cobas c513 and Tosoh G11 method are official, certified IFCC and NGSP SRMPs in the IFCC and NGSP networks, performed well and are suitable for clinical application in the analysis of HbA1c. For all analysers the Sigma metrics quality criteria distinguish between good and excellent performance.

Kaiser P et al. (2016): HbA1c: EQA in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands using fresh whole blood samples with target values assigned with the IFCC reference system HbA1c EQA in Germany Belgium and the Netherlands. Clin Chem Lab Med 54(11): 1769
What we see as the essence: The authors were able to establish an external quality assessment scheme because the differences between the laboratories were minor.







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