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Sysmex starts in haemostasis

2024/04/01 – Norderstedt, Germany, Netherlands

Effective April 1st, 2024, the collaboration between Sysmex and Siemens will change. Sysmex will start as an official supplier for haemostasis, including installation, service and product application support. We are very happy to share this exciting news with you, but we realize that you also might have questions. Please read this FAQ to find the answer you seek. If you have any additional questions your local account manager is looking forward to assist you.


  1. What will change? 
    After a valuable partnership of more than 25 years Sysmex and Siemens signed a new agreement. As a result, starting April 1st 2024, both suppliers offer independent haemostasis diagnostic instruments and reagents under their own brand. The instruments and reagents still originate from Sysmex and Siemens respectively. 

  2. What changes for me as a Siemens Healthineers hemostasis customer? 
    For existing customers, nothing changes. You will still receive the same high-quality products from the combined portfolio of Sysmex and Siemens. Sysmex remains a partner for your current solutions and can become a partner for your future haemostasis projects. Moreover, our developments enable you to access the CLEIA Immuno Chemistry methodology for haemostasis specialty tests and further integrate haemostasis into the Sysmex IT workflow. 

  3.  What about existing Siemens contracts? 
    Existing contracts stay in place. Siemens will continue the business until the contract ends. 

  4. I have a problem with my instruments, or reagents can I contact Sysmex? 
    As long you have a hemostasis contract with Sysmex, Sysmex will support you. As long you have a hemostasis contract with Siemens Healthineers, Siemens will support you.   

  5. How can I purchase hemostasis testing solutions from Sysmex for my lab? 
    Contact your regional account manager or send an email to

  6. Why should I choose Sysmex as my partner in Hematology and Hemostasis testing? 
    With more than 40 years of experience in haemostasis instrumentation and the strong scientific expertise regarding the Siemens Healthineers and Hyphen BioMedical reagents, Sysmex can offer more than 60 IVDR assays on a scalable selection of coagulation analyzers. Whether you require a stand-alone haemostasis solution, a TLA connected instrument or a CN Track combined with hematology instruments, Sysmex will meet your needs. 

  7. Can Sysmex provide training sessions or educational materials for laboratory staff on hemostasis? 
    Yes, our Caresphere Academy offers online training, completely free of charge. Moreover, our Product Application Specialists provide ISO-qualified training to your lab technicians in our Experience Center.  

    Sysmex has a dedicated scientific team that can provide you with scientific publications regarding hemostasis testing. 

    To develop the field and knowledge of haemostasis, you can expect Sysmex to organize user days and distribute educational material, like the Case of the Month.   

  8. Which reagent offers the most reliable performance for hemostasis testing? 
    Sysmex labelled Siemens reagents offer reliable testing with a long history of use and proven quality. Besides, the Revohem brand will offer an excellent contribution to the full Siemens portfolio. 

  9. Are there any compatibility issues or concerns when integrating other reagents into existing hemostasis analyzers? 
    To integrate other reagents into existing haemostasis analyzers, contact your local Product Application Specialist to set up your system. 

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